En Çok Sevilen – Can Yücel Şiirleri – Mükemmel Sözler – #siirsokakta

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En çok sevilen Can Yücel şiirleri
Can yücel şiiri
Herşey Sende Gizli
Yaşadıklarımdan Öğrendiğim Bir şey Var

There’s something I’ve learned from what I’ve been through:
   Did you live, you will live something to the intensity
   Your lover must be exhausted
   You must fall exhausted and smell a flower     People can look at the sky for hours
   Can look at the sea for hours, a bird, a child
   Living on earth is intermingling with it
   There is no breaking roots     You’re going to hug your friend
   You will fight with all your muscles, your trunk, your passion.
   And once you lie down in the warm sand
   You will rest like a piece of sand, like a leaf, like a stone     One should listen to all the beautiful music
   In addition to all the sounds of the self, melodies and dollars     Human fishing plunge into life
   Plunge from a rock into an emerald sea     Far countries should attract you, people you don’t know
   You must burn with the desire to read all books and to know all lives
   You shouldn’t change the happiness of drinking a glass of water with nothing.
   But no matter how much joy you have to fill your longing for life     And you must live your sorrow, honestly, with all your self
   Because pain, like joy, matures you
   Blood must interfere with the great circulation of life
   Endless fresh blood of life in circulating vessels     There’s something I’ve learned from what I’ve been through:
   Will you live great, live in rivers, in the sky, all in the universe?
   Because what we call life is a gift to life
   And life is a gift

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